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My name is Sebastian England, I am a freelance Model/Actor/Singer. Born 06/02/1999 in Hertfordshire.

Thank you for viewing my website. Please do take a look around the site and feel free to contact me with any enquiries. As you navigate around the website, you will find my personal stats which are updated every six months. please use the contact form to contact me. This can also be used to contact me with any offers for modelling jobs or TV, film and general enquires.


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DOB: 06/02/1999

Location: Hertfordshire


Height: 6.2ft

Waist: 30inch

Hips: 39inch

Chest Size: 36inch

Shoulder: 20inch

Collar: 16inch

Shirt/Sleeve: 36inch

Suit: R/42inch

Inside Leg: 32inch

Outside Leg: 42inch

Hair Colour: Ginger

Hair Length: Short

Head: 23.5inch

Shoe Size: 13UK

Weight: 12.1 St

Working With

Casting Collective

Mad Dog 2020

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Recent Work And References

Photo Collaboration with Quadro

Photo Collaboration with Darren Black

25/11/2019 – Protest Shoot with Sanni Liisa

Photo Collaboration with Hector Maclean

Shoot with Lumosia 10/20/2019

Work with director Naeem Mahmood 20/10/2019 – 21/10/2019 – Role of Hair Stylist (Freelance)

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